March 11, 2017


See below for some of the tools HES works with to provide analysis and monitoring services to customers.

Data Capture and Portal

HES provides a permanent monitoring solution for low voltage and medium voltage facilities and generating assets. This hardware and software solution provides high-resolution data monitoring and alarms, data logging, and an online portal for customers to view their real-time usage profile. Having access to high resolution energy usage data allows facility managers to make better decisions about Read more about Data Capture and Portal[…]

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Load Monitoring

Little or no useful analysis can be performed on a facility’s load profile without a minimum of hourly load data. While some utilities may be able to provide this data through their smart metering programs, many do not. HES has experience quickly installing temporary, non-instrusive load monitoring hardware to capture energy usage profiles so that appropriate Read more about Load Monitoring[…]

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Generation and Rate Analysis

HES uses proprietary, internally-developed software tools to perform a full suite of electricity load analysis. Some analyses we perform are: Operational behavior effect on energy usage Modeling of new non-dispatchable and dispatchable generation effects on existing load profile Time-of-use rate analysis Financial feasibility of new generation sources, especially when offsetting traditional generation sources (utility electricity or diesel Read more about Generation and Rate Analysis[…]

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